The Iron Man of Professional Reputation

In an Ironman competition, participants swim for four kilometers, run for 42 kilometres and on top of that, they also cycle for 180 kilometres more. That’s a pretty rough competition, I say. Success is not served on a platter. Surviving such an ordeal can demand years of preparation.

The same holds true for your professional reputation. Your technical working skills are admittedly a prerequisite for advancement, but that does not yet a triathlon make. We are stilling missing two components.

The style is decisive. No one wants to work with, for example, an annoying blabbermouth… unless he happens to rank in the world’s top five with his skill. Your style is made of that transmitted genuine excitement to research the background of your assignment and the wishes of the people you work for.

And ultimately, it is made of your willingness to discuss experiences in common.

The status in front of colleagues and superiors is a total of skill and style. There is no shortcuts to status, not even in Twitter. It is born from a genuine excitement to serve, and of the promise attached to your name even when you are not present.

Professional reputation is the holy trinity of skill, style, and status. It is a triathlon one prepares for for years. And the participation takes its time, too. Sometimes it exhausts you and makes you sweat. But, the prizes are in a league of their own.

Would you be interested in participating in the Ironman of professional reputation? What single thing could you make today already to set you up for it?

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