The Egg of Columbus

Show me how to set an egg upright on this table.

So the story tells us of Columbus having uttered those same words when he had brought an egg to a funding event. The funders had not believed in the man’s vision of finding new worlds. They thought it was impossible.

Each funder had their turn to try and set the egg on the table. But for naught. The egg fell over to its side each time.

Finally, it was Columbus’s turn. The man snapped the egg solidly against the table’s surface. And there it stood. Upright, just like Columbus had promised. In hindsight, it is naturally quite obvious how the trick was done. Columbus showed the trick to the funders by demonstrating with one flick of the wrist.

It is easy and riskless to follow an example. But it is difficult to create an impression by hiding in someone else’s shadow.

A real guru has to traverse the path, which no one has yet traversed before. His mission is to trailblaze past the thicket, so that others may follow. But what would it require for you to be the one next time to walk ahead of others?

Find your own egg.

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