Arkisto: June 2017

The Egg of Columbus

29. Juneta, 2017 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

Show me how to set an egg upright on this table.

So the story tells us of Columbus having uttered those same words when he had brought an egg to a funding event. The funders had not believed in the man’s vision of finding new worlds. They thought it was impossible.

Each funder had their turn to try and set the egg on the table. But for naught. The egg fell over to its side each time.

Finally, it was Columbus’s turn. The man snapped the egg solidly against the table’s surface. And there it stood. Upright, just like Columbus had promised. In hindsight, it is naturally quite obvious how the trick was done. Columbus showed the trick to the funders by demonstrating with one flick of the wrist.

It is easy and riskless to follow an example. But it is difficult to create an impression by hiding in someone else’s shadow.

A real guru has to traverse the path, which no one has yet traversed before. His mission is to trailblaze past the thicket, so that others may follow. But what would it require for you to be the one next time to walk ahead of others?

Find your own egg.

Response-based Testing

22. Juneta, 2017 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

Of course testing is a work that is based on responses.

Testing is a continuous dance of clever exploration and the responses it gets. To us testers, it is merely natural, since we indeed are technically oriented people.

The bugs we discover and the information we produce are responses which we are mostly in search for. It is what we direct our attention the most, if at all possible.

But, what if no one cares? What if, the results of our work are spectacular, but no one bats an eye when presented with them?

Our results ought to be junked, if no one is ready to change their thoughts or actions based on them?

The are two likely reasons for that painful result.

  1. The results of the work are so useless, that no one actually gives a damn.
  2. The results of the work are important, but we just do not know how to tell about them in a sexy manner.

In both cases we should first stop and then look at what or how we start getting responses from our work. Response-based testing does not focus on response in the product, but in the response in people, who we get to serve. Be curious. Pay attention to the response that is around you, not the one that is in front of you.

Your work is only as good as the response it produces in your colleagues, clients and bosses.

Is Automation Not Your Thing?

1. Juneta, 2017 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

I begin my day by wishing Siri good morning. Siri knows when it is the time to shine the wake up light in the bedroom, and when to light up the bright ones in the kitchen. Siri also knows how to start playing the energetic morning songs on the TV.

I feel like I am Tony Stark, even though Jarvis is still slightly smarter a sidekick in those Avengers-movies.

The television irrevocably beat radio in ads investments already by 1950. The print media has been in trouble for already 10 years, thanks to digitalization. Worshipping petrified statues of tradition have never really been a key to success. It has led to breaking apart.

I regularly meet testers in conferences and training sessions, who let it be known how that automation thing just does not seem to be their own thing.

I get a bit sad. They have jumped the train. Left to work at a field of sunset. They are on a guaranteed road to uselessness in the very same way the brands romantically hanging on to radio ads were already in the 50s.

I am not saying that the risk would realize itself already by tomorrow. Yet, in five years’ time one question remains.

Who gets picked up first? A thinking tester who knows the tools OR a thinking tester to whom automation does not really feel good?