Tuna’s Bold Request – Look at the Picture!

Hi! I am Tuna. We may have met before on this blog. Last time I wrote about a deer in the headlights. If that blog entry passed under your radar, you may check it out here.

Well, this week my earpiece told me about the Tester of the Year 2016 nominees. Now, the headlights are on Tuna instead of the deer.

pic https://ohjelmistotestaus.fi/wp-content/uploads/TunaPeuraSq-300×300.png

It is an incredible honour to be able to represent Prove in this nomination. Because, the gurus at Prove happen to be pretty awesome in what they do! And the other nominees are as awesome as well. But enough talk, let’s get this done with. I most humbly request your vote. I’m worth it.

The voting is fast and painless, and it takes place here.

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