Arkisto: March 2017

The Unspoken Power of a Tester

27. Marchta, 2017 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

A tester’s job is to offer their helping hand, so that the product stays in a good shape and the project keeps to its schedule. When we observe our surroundings, it can be seen that the helping is infused with a lot of unspoken meanings.

Helping is a power game, where we make the other dependant on our help.

Why do we even help other people? Because we are selfish. Everything we do, carries within them a seed of selfishness. We do good unto ourselves and others, because doing the good thing makes us feel better about ourselves. In addition, we do good unto others, so that we could avoid feeling bad instead. Doing good and helping others by denying our selfishness – or especially doing it because we feel guilty – gives birth to unnatural relations of dependence, to which we get addicted to.

When we do good unto others by offering our helping hand, an unspoken power game is also given birth at the same time. A power game, where our power is dependant on the helped party submitting under our own power. When this happens, we do not wish to relinquish that achieved power.

Because we do feel ourselves important when something or someone is dependant on us.

Avoid giving birth to additional relations of dependence. Instead of offering your helping hand to a fallen, rather offer them a support, with which they can pull themselves back up. Offer help, which makes the weak strong, and strengthens the strong further.

Instead of how you have always been conditioned to think, perform acts of wisdom to make the success stories and the life of a software project in the work community around you not dependant on Your help. What follows will be amazingly marvelous.

Two Momentums that Dictate Your Success

23. Marchta, 2017 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

Yes. This concerns you regardless of whether or not your product is a service, piece, software or cv.

The most defining factor for your product’s future is not the customer’s journey to a purchase decision. It is the journey from that decision onwards. Getting that decision to purchase is indeed a prerequisite for getting started, but after that is the real work.


I held a presentation in OAKK’s morning seminar with a set about the two tools of success and reputation balance. If you cannot get past the beginning, I’ll spare your time and reveal the bullets.

  1. Stories they tell about your product, after you have left the scene.
  2. The ways your customer returns to, after your five minutes of fame has passed.

In both of these momentums of success the defining is how skillfully your product meets and exceeds the expectations that are invested in it.

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The Half-life of Wonderful

13. Marchta, 2017 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

Soon it will be blaah already. Whatever wonderful things we are presented with will quickly turn them into the norm.

I can still remember when we listened to the sound of a modem connecting us to the Internet for the first time in the computer classroom at our school like we were hypnotized. The entire world would soon be at our fingertips.

It did not take long before the boys thought of the first practical use for that wonder of science and as you guessed it, it was boobs.

Nowadays we fry our nerves in a second, if the net does not spew the bit stream at a level we require.

We are the worst kind of neophiles. We become accustomed to new faster and faster, and soon our expectations adopt everything that was initially so wonderful.

New and wonderful satisfied for but a fleeting moment. After that the game gets hard, because the defining factor will be something else.

How reliably can your product deliver on its promise? How sure is it that small bugs won’t ruin your game before the customer’s attention passes over to the next candidate? How likely is it that taking a moment to familiarize oneself in your product becomes a habit of using it tomorrow still?

Wonderful has a half-life and that half-life is short. Testing prolongs that half-life for just as long to give your product a fighting chance for real pay offs or turning in profits.

Test on time. Test often.

Tuna’s Bold Request – Look at the Picture!

8. Marchta, 2017 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

Hi! I am Tuna. We may have met before on this blog. Last time I wrote about a deer in the headlights. If that blog entry passed under your radar, you may check it out here.

Well, this week my earpiece told me about the Tester of the Year 2016 nominees. Now, the headlights are on Tuna instead of the deer.


It is an incredible honour to be able to represent Prove in this nomination. Because, the gurus at Prove happen to be pretty awesome in what they do! And the other nominees are as awesome as well. But enough talk, let’s get this done with. I most humbly request your vote. I’m worth it.

The voting is fast and painless, and it takes place here.

I Work in the Field of Mental Health

1. Marchta, 2017 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

An amazed gaze, often without an expectation, follows when I answer that one question. What do you do Antti? Or what does your firm do?

I work in the field of mental health.

Do you know that feeling when the app or software that you are trying to use just won’t work? How frustrating can it be? Argh!

Our work is to help software developers towards more spectacular results. We catch the bugs before they can get underfoot.

That is why I say that testing is actually mental health treatment. Everyone is happier when the job is done.

I have tried several kinds of elevator speeches in front of thousands of strangers during the years. The formula that works is surprisingly simple.

  1. Opening: The opening strikes a chord with curiosity, and formulates us a shared platform. Mental health is a strange concept. In addition, everyone is frustrated when the software does not work. It is easy to grasp.
  2. Depiction: The matter itself answers the question of ‘How do I work?’. It allows an opportunity to tell that a tester is a hawk-eyed hunter, whose work results are beneficial to us all.
  3. Realization: The ending crystallizes what we actually do. But at the same time it draws the ends of the string together. The story could be concluded with the words “That is why testing is mental health work”.

Testing is seldom the sexiest business at the evening table. And it won’t become it, unless we first learn to tell about our work in a catchy way. In a way that allows lay people to realize what it is about.