The Taste of Process Barf

Honey. Oh how wonderful honey is. One tea spoonful is the entire life’s worth of a single honeybee on summery flower fields. Honey is delicious in tee, porridge or even in coffee. It helps with cough and can even make allergy issues milder.

We could discuss honey indefinitely. Of its pros and cons, of its texture and how it feels in the mouth. We could write about it and even make a tv-documentary of its birth.

All that work feels empty, however, when we experience the honey in reality. The significance of the definition of honey in our world view changes irrevocably when we concretely feel it for the first time.

Concrete experiences ground concepts in our world. We people have one big problem. We carelessly use concepts that have no form. Nothing with which to ground them.

Test process, business strategy, religion, money, love, God, work well-being or even ‘kiky’. They are a collection of concepts without any chance of experiencing them and that is why they are so dangerous. We are left to the mercy of our thoughts.

I have seen way too many people who sit at strategy workshops with a screensaver on their face. In my opinion there should be a black list of forbidden concepts in software projects. The attention should be diverted to where real work and procedures are talked about. Without exception.

Process barf has no taste. Sweat and rolling up one’s sleeves instead is something tangible.

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