Speculation Ejaculation

Spec means speculation. Requirement specification and user stories are a simplification of the cloud of expectations which dwells in the minds of us all.

The history of a software product produces its own group from expectations. The image of our project or firm creates more of them. The intended use and competing products also chip in, not to mention the expectations of people.

Yesterday there was one interesting requirement specification on Yle Puhe, which matters for your project as well. For example, the fifth requirement of the list was as follows:

Thou shalt not kill.

While we can agree that there was some degree of silliness going on in the stone tablets of Moses, I’d imagine that you’ve understood the underlying principle.

Requirements are actually a speculation ejaculation. They are a dust cloud, which is born from the collision between ideas and inhuman expectations. Even the culture is a force that affects that cloud. Spec strives to simplify that cloud, and will therefore always remain half complete.

If you really wish to succeed in a software project in a way where the customer could tell stories of your excellence, aim at least a part of testing and product development towards that cloud of expectations.

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