Arkisto: February 2017

Speculation Ejaculation

20. Februaryta, 2017 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

Spec means speculation. Requirement specification and user stories are a simplification of the cloud of expectations which dwells in the minds of us all.

The history of a software product produces its own group from expectations. The image of our project or firm creates more of them. The intended use and competing products also chip in, not to mention the expectations of people.

Yesterday there was one interesting requirement specification on Yle Puhe, which matters for your project as well. For example, the fifth requirement of the list was as follows:

Thou shalt not kill.

While we can agree that there was some degree of silliness going on in the stone tablets of Moses, I’d imagine that you’ve understood the underlying principle.

Requirements are actually a speculation ejaculation. They are a dust cloud, which is born from the collision between ideas and inhuman expectations. Even the culture is a force that affects that cloud. Spec strives to simplify that cloud, and will therefore always remain half complete.

If you really wish to succeed in a software project in a way where the customer could tell stories of your excellence, aim at least a part of testing and product development towards that cloud of expectations.

The Taste of Process Barf

13. Februaryta, 2017 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

Honey. Oh how wonderful honey is. One tea spoonful is the entire life’s worth of a single honeybee on summery flower fields. Honey is delicious in tee, porridge or even in coffee. It helps with cough and can even make allergy issues milder.

We could discuss honey indefinitely. Of its pros and cons, of its texture and how it feels in the mouth. We could write about it and even make a tv-documentary of its birth.

All that work feels empty, however, when we experience the honey in reality. The significance of the definition of honey in our world view changes irrevocably when we concretely feel it for the first time.

Concrete experiences ground concepts in our world. We people have one big problem. We carelessly use concepts that have no form. Nothing with which to ground them.

Test process, business strategy, religion, money, love, God, work well-being or even ‘kiky’. They are a collection of concepts without any chance of experiencing them and that is why they are so dangerous. We are left to the mercy of our thoughts.

I have seen way too many people who sit at strategy workshops with a screensaver on their face. In my opinion there should be a black list of forbidden concepts in software projects. The attention should be diverted to where real work and procedures are talked about. Without exception.

Process barf has no taste. Sweat and rolling up one’s sleeves instead is something tangible.

A Mission Impossible is Often Lack of Faith

9. Februaryta, 2017 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

It must have been due to a momentary lapse of judgment. Because, last evening I made a silent promise. I promised to write a blog text for each speech given in European Testing Conference that started today. On the spot. Live. I just did not consider that the speeches are numerous in quantity each day, and I am further burdened by trying to make time to visit the lavatories as well.

Well, now we are here and there is no escape. You can follow the blogs via Medium or Twitter. The making of drafts are in Snap.

It would be great to come up with a good final statement here, but I am pressed for time. I can only recommend giving a try to completing a creative job against the clock. It can give you a concrete understanding of why a mission impossible is often originally just a lack of faith.

Feeling Good or Cheated?

6. Februaryta, 2017 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

One year ago I gave a local Oulu based exercise-centre OzMax’s services a try. The place seemed nice, the training went without a hitch, and even becoming a customer was seamlessly easy. I was very delighted.

The first bill did not score a goal, though. The customer service gave me the silent treatment, and did not address my worries despite five different attempts made on my part, and finally I got a debt collection letter. I got frustrated and terminated the contract.

The cooperation that had seemed to start quite merrily was ended when the service provider informed me that the February payment still has to be made. Because of the contract. Thanks and goodbye.

It doesn’t matter what product we are talking about, a decision to make a purchase forms a relationship between the product and the customer. That relationship is vivid and it always has a direction. It either goes towards heyday or death.

Buying decision is only a single moment in time. Consideration and fulfillment are phases on either side of that moment. When it comes to deepening the relationship and how the reputation of the product stands, the events that transpire after the buying decision are the more critical of the two.

People are bothered by a worry as to whether or not their decision is actually the right one. One can imagine how the people who bought Samsung Galaxy Note 7 feel in airplanes these days.

The feel of whether or not a buying decision is worth it is the easiest to ensure by looking after the product. Which is why testing matters.

It doesn’t matter as to what market your product is made for. The pivotal factor is always the degree of the buyer’s remorse after the deal has been made.