Don’t Ask if I Need A Spec

Yesterday evening we gathered around a kitchen table for some evening snack. We habitually dim the lights on the evenings and light up a candle on the table.

The fire fascinates us all. The flame of the candle looks inviting and playful. I suppose that is exactly why Atte asked if he was permitted to touch it?

Of course you may give it a try. But can you guess what will follow?

You don’t need a scientist to guess that pushing your finger into the flame is quick to burn. The same holds true for giving the flagpole a lick on a cold winter day. Even if you go in for just a little bit.

The world is filled of obvious causalities. We don’t need a spec to know what awaits.

Don’t bother asking me if I need a spec to start testing any longer. I will always start with the humanly obvious.

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