Call to Action: Champions of Testing

What happens to be now is me steeling my mind and reaching for the unknown, because it is so important.

January has often meant N.B.L. for people. It is an acronym for New Better Life. We have new year’s resolutions and alcohol free January. We have gym quests and other things to improve ourselves.

This time I decided to think different. I invite you to a little thought experiment. The question is simple. What is the level of your expertise and reputation in January 2022? What heroic accomplishments did you make during the years, of which customers, competition, and colleagues still talk about?

That question drew me silent.

I don’t believe that the industrialization-oriented thinking from the vestiges of industrialized society can keep providing competitiveness long for anyone in our field. Asia and Automation have changed our field irrevocably already, and there is still no end in sight. In addition, the overflow of tools, options and commodities easily bury underneath them the most important thing for the jobs of future. The people.

I have spent the last few years researching where the actual value of expertise is born and the answer is not working hours or technologies. It is found in the quality of our encounters. Of how energetic, delighted, safe, secure, or happily surprised feelings are left in people, who we served.

Success stories in software development and testing are only born in others’ willingness to tell them.

Let me put this in other words also: One of easily largest innovations of pharmaceutical industry was a result of understanding that treatment responses rose when people met. By charging up the encounters between people, we also charge up the treatment response of the medicine. The same holds true for our expertise as well. I dare say that in the future testing is all about art. The Art of Testing.

Technical skills are naturally a prerequisite, with which you surpass the threshold of success. With its support, the leadership, successes and wonderful breakthroughs give birth to the stories which we, as experts, businesses and societies want to tell about.

In spring I shall build a path where no traveler has gone before. Now I ask you to join us. This is a programme, whose goal in the next five years is to produce an army of champion testers to meet the challenges of tomorrow. A group of gurus, which even the later generations will talk about, eyes alight.

Champions of testing.

I have put my entire experience of the field into this, and while under scrutiny, I will put in all I have. Sparing no sweat nor tears!

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