Arkisto: July 2016

The Rules of Deeds

2. Julyta, 2016 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

The air has stilled. The clock’s seconds-hand seems to miss beats while there is a wind blowing tumbleweeds across the room. I point at Saho with my finger and wag my thumb for a simple reload action.

Freeze! I’ve got a gun!

Saho stares for a moment, stupefied. First at me, then at my finger.

Isn’t that THE gun I gave you for Christmas?! You bastard! Judas! How many pieces of silver were you paid?!

The entire atmosphere in the room shifts. From only a few sentences. Some might even feel like laughing. The game is on! This is the most important cornerstone for succeeding in improvisation. To consent for an adventure. Say YES to all the madness that is leaking from the opposing player.

Respectively, the game can be ruined in seconds. With a couple of simple choices of words the ball drops immediately.

That’s not a gun. That’s your finger.

I occasionally meet a tester stuck wearing such concrete boots on the tester training courses. That person’s vocabulary begins from the words: “NO, BUT…” Test ideas have been depleted years ago and it is painful to witness such professional frustration.

If you want to capture the crowd’s attention, you do not have the time for picking up balls. The same holds true for breaking the chains of thought. New ideas primarily find fertile ground in explorative voyages to the unknown. Such voyages begin with the words “YES, AND…”

Do you sometimes wish more from life? Such as a guru’s mantle on your shoulders or just lighter steps at the end of the day? I recommend replacement therapy along the lines of Tina Fey.

Seek, read and make your own the four golden rules of improvisation. That’s when the magic starts happening.