Arkisto: June 2016

Why is ’I’ a Magic Word?

20. Juneta, 2016 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

Last Sunday I went for a brunch in Vihiluodon Kala restaurant, which serves delightful local food. They catered grilled shrimps, which especially stole my attention. Ritva told us thus:

“These shrimps happen to be especially good today. I put them last evening into a chili-lime marinade. I grilled the delicacies myself on open fire today, in fact, just an hour ago. I recommend to give them a try!”

Damn, that left a great feeling.

At the end of February I sat in the Norwegian’s plane from Oulu to Helsinki. The plane was running a bit late, since we had become stuck at the defrosting station to wait for something. Flight captain Sjöman announced that the plane would be running a bit late. At first I started to get frustrated. However, our captain’s communication did change the experience totally.

“Dear passengers. I was not satisfied with the defrosting service performed on the wings and asked the airport staff to redo the operation. I beg for your patience. The operation will be done in ten minutes and I will ensure that we will be arriving to Helsinki only five minutes behind schedule!”

Damn, that left a great feeling.

I would like to share more of similar stories and start with the words “I received a test report yesterday in which…”

The Responsibility Lies in the Listener. That Means You!

13. Juneta, 2016 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

The word ‘game’ is a homonym. It is a word which carries multiple meanings. It can mean, for example, the kind of animals that one goes to hunt for. It can also mean an established wholeness of rules that come together to form an entertaining way to spend time, sometimes in the form of a software creation, but sometimes having a more down to earth pieces, such as is with a game of hide and seek. The language we use is full of vagueness.

Everything we try to describe through language is a crude simplification of the reality. Whether we speak of writing, speech or thinking, our language strives to describe a limitless quantity of possibilities.

We Finns have a saying relating to this. It holds true, not only with the people from Savonia, but also with the rest of us. You might have heard it, or something similar to it.

The responsibility lies in the listener.

Especially for people who are working with specialist jobs the responsibility of interpretations is a prerequisite for success. Curiosity, attention and interest compete easily for the top spots of our most important working skills.

The responsibility is not limited to dialogue only. The interpretation is also at the mercy of other things. Have you ever found yourself thinking that, for example, the energy levels of your body, your metabolism and even the current weather can alter meanings dramatically?

Acknowledging the responsibility and recognizing the factors together change the entire game.

This leads to surprising freedom. As it happens, it becomes possible with little exercise to make choices that make the world seem prettier and the results of your work pleasantly surprise the parties important to us time after another.

Is it not strange that despite our freedom there is such a large group of information system projects which they try to steer at the same time from both the contract papers and from the requirements documents? And furthermore these interpretations strive for minimum implementations?

You have not only the freedom, but the power to make a better choice. What would you choose?!