Arkisto: May 2016

The Most Severe Occupational Disease of a Tester

9. Mayta, 2016 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

The last time I was buying a new car was in 2012. I bought previous year’s Ford C-Max. The dark blue kind. Immediately after the deal something weird happened. It suddenly felt like half of Finland had just started to drive the same kind of dark blue Fords. There seemed to be one in every traffic light.

The world seems like that which we guide our senses towards. We notice more of that which we learn to seek.

We testers look for defects. We turn our attention to places where something might go wrong. And then we report. We model the result in a way where reproducing the defect would be easy even on the developer’s desk. Steps to reproduce.

There lies a severe hazard in practicing the occupation of testing. We condition our paths of thinking and perception towards defects. As if that would not already be easy for human beings even without practicing!

Testing as an occupation is playing around with mental health.

The best gurus have realized something exceptional, though. We testers are the experts of modeling. Steps to reproduce.

If we can model reproducible steps from defects, why would we not chip in our know-how with amazing successes?

True gurus do not play with half efficiency. They have learnt the skills to model success stories as well. What if you would give it a try? Steps to reproduce success.

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100% Recommended the Training for their Colleagues

3. Mayta, 2016 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

Talentum Events organized, and the testing guru Antti Niittyviita trained testers and test managers in the basics of Fast software testing at the end of April. The people were quite satisfied with what the few days had to offer. There are the unmoderated comments:

How well did this training meet your expectations? 5 = The training exceeded my expectations … 1 = The training did not meet my expectations. The answers? 3 times the highest grade, 8 times the second highest grade.

Positive surprise, of a subject matter that is regarded as boring.

My expectation was for more technical training. The end results was excellent, better than solely technical test training.

I honestly did not know what to expect, I arrived curious and left satisfied.

I did not know what to expect. A more psychological perspective instead of theory and practice or in addition to them is already a big plus!

Trainer Antti Niittyviita? 5 = excellent… 1 = awful. The answers? 6 times the highest grade, 5 times the second highest grade.

The trainer’s way to train was interesting, inspiring and motivating.

A marvelous presenter and a talker. Can hold his audience the entire time.

The trainer was in all ways a positive surprise; based on the notifications I expected some travelling preacher, but Antti was a sympathetic and charismatic talker, a man who stands behind his words.

How functional were the training space and customer service? 5 = excellent… 1 = awful. The answers? 4 times the highest grade, 6 times the second highest, 1 average.

The space was good.

Hot class space.

Thursday’s food was successful, Friday main course left room for improvement.

A really good lunch :)

The pros and cons of the training:

Good training!

Things that make me think, but in my opinion the name of the training ought to be considered for a bit, since it gives an image for a more practical orientation – yet, the training is about something else entirely. The practical exercises are good and what they yielded. Trainer is professional and good.

Could this be condensed into one day’s time?

The expertise and positivity of the trainer is a big plus.

A lot of new thoughts to make testing and how to get started fast. As the single most biggest thing I’d say was the broadening of thoughts and imagination. Hopefully, in the future I will be able to have a broader vision for the thing that is under testing, instead of being caught up in the old way.

The training offered thoughts about the encompassment and efficiency. I would have hoped for a more practical approach and maybe a little bit more of practical examples.

Pros: Right amounts of inspiration from the trainer; The group was around the right size and a lot of discussion was born in it; A lot of practice that makes me think; Good framework;

What was good in it was the psychological approach and handling with regards to testing. Made me refresh my own models of thinking and working. Good causal relationship between the trainer and the trainees in the form of discussion. What was bad might have been that Friday had a lot of working in pairs, which were not that easy and could have used more comprehensive instructions and the trainer could have walked among us a bit more to communicate and help when help was needed to proceed. Mindmeinder was a good tool! For Friday I would have hoped the same kind of verbal training, in discourse with the trainees of course. I do agree that the exercises were called for and they were very useful and fun. Antti is a top notch trainer, a wonderful person and brings forth very essential perspectives for a tester!

Antti proceeds to lead testers to the light next time at 19th to 20th May. To sign up, go here: