Arkisto: July 2015

Results come from Two Sources

27. Julyta, 2015 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

I am regularly in trouble with the receipts that come from using the firm’s credit card. I used to be able to bathe in their sheer number every three months, as if visiting a ball pool in the local Hop Lop.

Then I found the eTasku app and was saved. Almost. Now, I am troubled by the receipts that I have forgot to document with eTasku app. Today, I was frustrated for three hours because of a service fee by Finnair. I could not find the receipts from May in my inbox.

Finnair’s customer service was very helpful and found the missing receipts in a minute. Politely, the fellow on the end of the line remarked:

I do see the billing event here. I should charge you 10 euro service feefor each receipt sent. How should we go about this?

I balanced on the verge of frustration for a second that seemed to stretch for an eternity. I was just about to dive through the telephone lines to ruin the day for both of us, when the fellow took me by the collar and saved us.

Hey… Are you by any chance looking at your email right now? The service fees give you receipts from another address. The domain is and not Finnair.

Now, half an hour and two cups of coffee later I am actually feeling pretty damn good. Hot damn, that fellow knew what he was doing!

The help was actually quite valuable. A weak service process almost ruined the entire thing, but the customer service saved the entire game. Think about these for a moment:

Logistics and a driver

Cleaning and a cleaner

Expertise and an expert

Health care and a nurse

A Finn is a key issue oriented person. To us it feels like it is enough that the testing is done, the code has been written, or that the lunch has been brought to the table. And this is the truth! And it is enough, if you feel like being ok with lame stories.

A genuine success story is only born when someone manages to raise the bar in two vital areas: That what is being Done and in Who is doing it. To put it more simply: In the ACTIVITY and the PERSON.

Not New, but Anew!

21. Julyta, 2015 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

Some years ago I participated in Michael Bolton’s RST course. It took three days and not only changed my view of the world as a tester, but also as a human being. It was an amazing experience. I recommend. The same happened on James Bach’s course some time later. Suddenly, the world had colours. Testing had transformed itself from an engineer‘s toil to an actual guru business.

Kenneth Österberg’s training to salespeople are also just as amazing. The stories are so compelling that even the most resistant tester monkeys see the light. The value of work, be it tester’s or salesperson’s, is born from how successfully they have managed to serve the people around them. In April I had the honour of seeing Juhana Torkki take the stage in Oulu’s Salesvation event. The one and a half hour performance burned itself deeply and permanently into my mind. The man’s books Neuvotteluvalta, Puhevalta and Tarinan valta could even belong to elementary school’s curriculum as far as I am concerned.

Yet, after each training session I cannot help but hear muttering from somewhere in the backrow.

Bah. Nothing new! I knew these already!

Most often these words are heard from the row of chairs furthest in the back. What is shared in common by the people who say this is that they have no notebooks with them, or if they do, it is void of all notes as if being a proof of self-excellence illusion. Often, the quality of their work do speak for themselves.

The top of any profession share one characteristic in common. To them, the basics are indescribably important. Familiar subjects are telling to them, since they agree to return to them. They agree to research. Their relationship to this training is crystallized by a simple, yet powerful thought.

Not continuously new, but anew!

I fall into that pitfall quite easily. I go out and search for tricks that make me successful. Sometimes even so frenziedly that I forget to do the important work.

If that happens, I realize that I have been goofing and make myself return to the important things by watching fifteen minutes of a documentary that has become rather familiar to me through Netflix or viaplay.

If you do not already believe in the basics, then get and watch the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It is pure diamond! If you are man enough, watch it even twice. If you want to earn that black belt of a guru, then let me tempt you even more! Watch the documentary eight times and take notes while you are at it. If you succeed in the basics, you get to marvel at your own magical headway years from now.