Arkisto: May 2015

Flashes of Truth

18. Mayta, 2015 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

Katri Antell, a confectioner’s that originated in Oulu, has a history that encompasses over a century. At the first café’s opening ceremony in the year 1899 they served the famous apple meringue pie for 25 pennies

for as much as you dared to eat!

When the Winter War started and men headed to the front from Oulu were boarding the train, the bakers and waiters of Katri Antell hurried to the station. It went without saying that the men had to have pastries to pack with them for the trip.

This and other similar flashes from the story of Antell start to create an image of the business’s values. A bigger picture of what Antell has been building throughout its entire history.

In a similar manner, specifications in software development represent only flashes of the big picture. Yet, far too often this big picture gets stomped on by process- and documentation burdens.

Ensure that every member of your project understands the difference between flashes and the truth.