Arkisto: April 2015

The Sense of Self-worth is a Tester’s Most Important Tool

20. Aprilta, 2015 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

Hey Tester! Yes, you!

You are important. This fundamental notion is based on a simple yet very political question, with which a tester is associated with on a daily basis. What is a bug? According to James Bach, the innovator of exploratory testing:

If there’s a thing that bugs you, then it’s a bug.

This is an astounding fact! This sentence embodies that which testing is all about. Your duty is to bring up the things that bother you in the product that you are testing at that given time, regardless of the development stage. Vault over rigid processes and the chasm of tradition to encroach on other peoples’ yards to tell them how you are doing!

Simply put: Do not store your thoughts in your inner sarcophagus, but instead have an open dialogue with the stakeholders of your environment. These are, for example, the devs, managers and clients. When the succeeding of a product is being discussed, you are their best pal. You get your reward and driving force from sharing your thoughts! When the next time you ask yourself…

  • Is it ok to report a bug such as this?
  • Is this even a valid problem?
  • Are they even going to fix this?

…make a ticket out of it! Or at the very least, make efforts for the sake of your valuable work results to bring it up with the aforementioned stakeholders. Because, if you ever stop to ponder these questions, it has got to be a bug for sure. Trust in your own self, in your feeling and in your expertise.

When you trust in yourself, others trust in you. When a mutual trust reigns, you can really chip in your own efforts for the common cause.

A Tip that Changes the Entire Game

6. Aprilta, 2015 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

I woke up to a morning and I felt strange. Strange, as in the way that I need to give a few words of thanks now. It so happens that Prove started its tenth year this January.

A huge thanks goes to the people who have been, or are still, a part of this ship of ours. Lasse Määttä and Antti Ojala: Without you guys, there would not be a Prove. Thank you dears!

Thanks to all you, who have trusted our expertise as testing gurus along the years. We promise to be worth your trust in the times to come, too!

Then, thanks to all of you who have shared our burdens. Helped with stuff which we could not have taken care ourselves, or with the stuff that we had no time to take care of:

  1. Valokki Design. Without you, we could not have focused on that which we hold most important. Thank you Heidi!
  2. Trainers’ House. You make us work harder for our success. Thank you Marko & the team!
  3. Prove’s entire look is all thanks to you. Thank you Tiina, Juri & the team!
  4. Y-Tili. Without you, none of our accounting would have finished. Thank you Katri and Merja!
  5. Jari Parantainen. You did not sell us a product service, so we took care of it ourselves. Thank you!
  6. You keep us connected! 24/7. Thank you Simo!
  7. Your banking service is without an equal from one year to the next. Thank you Kirsti!
  8. Mehiläinen. You treat us, when we are sick. Thank you Hannele and Päivi!
  9. You helped us with organizing the first testaaja 3.0 training. Thank you Lippo & the team!
  10. You forced us to think about communication in an entirely new way. Thank you Joonatan and Juhani!
  11. You solved the personnel’s receiptmess with one app! Thank you Tommi!
  12. Thank you for ensuring that our office remains cozy!
  13. Halve the frustration and double the results. What a promise :D Thank you Jari!

I could have also thanked other parties, for example, F-Solutions for hosting, DNA for net connections, If for insurance, or Varma for handling our pensions. Regrettably, your services have remained kind of faceless for us. I cannot name any people from you, even though you help us on a daily basis.

The list of thanks keeps on growing with Prove. I would wager that the growth is mainly due to one magical spell I heard a few years back. A one sentence, which I first did not think much about. Yet, little by little, that sentence has formed the reality into something entirely different.

In all its simplicity it crystallizes the relationship of people to their limits and to themselves:

For real: Do not attempt anything worthwhile alone!