Arkisto: February 2015

Formula Champion’s Sunday Drive

27. Februaryta, 2015 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

I have watched the Formula circuit since a little boy. How else, given that on Sundays was my dad’s favorite moment of the week: The F1 race somewhere on Earth. We flocked onto the sofa and I suppose we could have had popcorns at times, too. We became familiar with the Rosberg, Häkkinen, Lehto, Räikkönen and Kovalainen to name a few on top of my head. Oh, and of course ‘Schumi’!

The defending champion is now Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton has all the keys for success. Supernatural driving skills, top car and, of course, one of the most precise and efficient teams in the entire F1 world.

But what do you think? Would we see world championship level results, if we were to give the man a Lada Samara to drive in the next race?

I am pretty sure that the exciting spectacle would just become a leisurely Sunday drive.

Testing gurus…. Or actually, the most important tool any experts have – the unmatched skills – are inside their own heads. But what about their car? The mind hangs around inside the body. If the body is lagging, then the insights come slower and more seldom. I say that an unmatched expert is a sum of three components.

  1. Mental capacity – driving skills
  2. Physical capacity – the vehicle
  3. Social capacity – the pit crew

Unfaltering structure is not born through refining already strong components further. You get it done by reinforcing that, which happens to be the weakest link at the current moment!

Which of the three things mentioned should you be training next?

Even Insight has its Price

17. Februaryta, 2015 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

If we are not talking about unbelievable luck, chance or fortune, then even successes have their price.

It is possible to pay this price beforehand and in that case, the success has been earned. Or, you can pay it afterwards and then it comes with interest.

It is simple to give the matter some thought, let’s say with regards to the upcoming winter holiday:

Which one feels better? To make a holiday trip to the sunny south during winter with hard earned savings. Or do it one swipe of a credit card and then keep on paying those credit payments with interest even until summer is right on the doorstep?

If your company’s values include flexibility or client-orientation, then would it be reasonable to ask what kind of price are we paying for those? What sacrifice are we willing to make each day, for example, on the altar of client-orientation?

Being fit has its price, too. It is called sweating. Likewise, it is difficult to purchase insight, unless you are first willing to withstand confusion, or mental efforts.

Even successes of software projects carry their price. It is often unsurpassably heavy to acknowledge the imperfection of your own software development. Even though you were to regularly meditate in retrospect in lotus position.

The price that comes with interest can be recognized from the moment when ‘stuff’ hits the fan.