Arkisto: December 2014

The Snowball Effect Keeps You From Succeeding

17. Decemberta, 2014 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

I love it when it rains snow. We received our first snow in Oulu for like the fourth time now. The previous time such a miracle took place I made a snowman with my children. Out of the moist and screeching snow one can easily roll even large snowballs. Thus, the snowmen can even become quite massive.

We typically start it all from a small snowball one can easily hold in the palm of one’s hand, which we then start rolling over the snow that has just snowed down from the sky. In the beginning, the ball starts growing rapidly with even the slightest effort. As the ball gets bigger and bigger, the speed seems to slow down. Eventually, it starts to take quite an effort to keep the ball rolling, and it becomes harder to notice it growing at all.

Generally, when that moment is at hand, the patience of the children is the first thing to go. The ratio of effort required in relation to a seeable result starts to feel quite unreasonable. Yet, it is clear that the most handsome snowman is built by those who believe in their process instead of their own thoughts.

The same holds true for software projects, studying, hobbies, blogging and pretty much in everything where one wants to be good.

If you have a crisis of faith, it is important to remember: The thing that separates us from the people who succeed is that moment, when the change becomes difficult to notice.