Arkisto: November 2014

Death Creeps Slowly and Quietly

3. Novemberta, 2014 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

The chest ache had struck him first time at the swimming hall. A small sting in the upper abdomen must have been a sign of cardialgia. Maybe too much coffee had been consumed earlier in the morning? They taught it in schools already that it passes if you just increase the pace. Except that it did not. Had to stop and take a breather.

Time passed and even climbing the staircase to the office had become arduous. Finally, by the second story there was a sting and even the shoulders started to ache. Was it a neck that had become sprained when doing domestic chores? Had to call a lift and let Kone take upstairs.

Going to the work healthcare came at a last minute. He thought the reason was an upset stomach. The doctor thought it was an acute heart attack. In the end, there was a fine line between life and death.

One can block out unpleasant facts from one’s mind quite efficiently. Even for years. The symptoms of a cardiovascular disease. The creeping Alzheimer’s disease. A software project that is about to crash and burn. Alcoholism. Relationships that are going bad. Even profit development estimates that warn about bankruptcy.

It is possible to notice all the symptoms. Yet, inside one’s head, there is a small fearful voice that assures you that everything is still fine.

Listen closely to the people around you. Learn to first recognize their explanations, then your own. The last and the most difficult phase is to take off your hat and ask for help.