Arkisto: September 2014

You Can Take Too Much of Even Superfoods

25. Septemberta, 2014 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

My temples were under merciless pressure. Light cut my eyes and cold sweat broke. There was a sensation of vertigo from relentless headache and I felt like throwing up. I suffered a powerful migraine attack yesterday.

Luckily, I belong to the group of people who get better from a Burana tab and a little bit of coffee. Increasing the dosage of those two remedies makes me feel better faster and clearer, but how much is enough? If I take 5x800mg of Burana during the morning hours and five cups of coffee, then what?

Excess breeds nausea. Or gives a gastric ulcer.

Superfoods, pain killers, stimulants, alcohol, fitness, resting and even testing become detrimental when taken to extreme amounts. The benefit-graph stands true for pretty much all kinds of activity.

By increasing the effort, you gain more benefits… until the effort becomes excessive.

Optimal level is not discovered by guessing the dosage when one is already in a hurry. It is discovered by starting at once and regulating it more accurately with experience and learning.

Setting up a Webstore in an Hour

16. Septemberta, 2014 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

Building a webstore seems to be an insurmountable obstacle for many entrepreneurs. Which is why we wanted to give it a hand. Today, during our morning coffees, we sought a good webstore platform, made a user account and put a whole bunch of testing-related products on sale. This entire endeavour took us only an hour. This is just how insurmountable it really was.

Now you have a chance of acquiring a stylish testing-related mug for morning coffee moments, or a woolly hat for the gradually more cold autumn mornings. Check out the store HERE.

Forcing is the Shit!

11. Septemberta, 2014 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

Is your business being bothered by too many users? There’s an antidote for that. Forcing is the best way to manage irresponsibly booming userbase growth! Facebook has managed this quite successfully. With both its own chat, as well as the chat that they just recently bought.

Facebook –app remembers to shove its own Messages app every time in your face every time you open the chat.

After you have replied with “Not now” a few times, they become more generous with the options they offer you.

When you finally surrender under the vast world of options and make the mistake of installing the new app, guess what? That’s not still enough for them! The imposing continues. Turn on notifications or we will remind you about them every single time whenever you open the app!

Then came WhatsApp. It collected a nice amount of users, until it was sold. Guess just what kind of world of options was thrown in front of the users once the new owner took over?

You’ve got that so right. Same broken record every time you make the mistake of opening the application. I am not interested in your damn notifications!

At least Apple knows its stuff. One can even post negative reviews about apps, but of course they remain to be unpublished.

You can avoid, for example, stress tests’ need quite easily: Ruin your users’ experience with absolutely insane solutions. Worry not about feedback! No users, no problems!

There Will Always be Something

4. Septemberta, 2014 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

On Monday, the last time being long ago, we all managed to be at the office. No one was travelling. Teemu (name changed) sat next to us with a stylish testing-related coffee mug in his hand and said: “Today is a good day! My to-do list will be empty by lunch! Haa haa!”

Then was the phone’s time to ring: “Greetings from the market research…” and another time with: “Top of the morning from the supporters of Peter-No-Tail to you. May I have a moment of your time?”

The coffee had time to grow cold, and then the mail arrived. An envelope had ripped in the sorting process and Itella managed to lose a stack of lunch coupons in transit. It was the time to pick up the phone again and investigate. The same stuff continued until I perked up to a sudden movement in the office’s vestibule.

Lunchtime! Already?!

The same pattern repeats frightfully often. A small thing, time after time, becomes a big issue.

In software development projects it is very easy to say what test results are insignificant. The kind, which one need not bother fixing. “That bug is minor” they say. Most of the time, the big picture gets lost.

Visualize the bugs of your product next to its basic functionality. If the picture starts to resemble a fishbone, you’re screwed!

Never resort in folly and belittle the problems. Even the ones that seem minor. Bugs flock together and may endanger your product’s business.