Arkisto: January 2014

Copernicuses of Modern Day

13. Januaryta, 2014 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

I wonder, what did Copernicus feel like when he presented indisputable proof of heliocentric world. He had the audacity to claim that the Earth orbits the Sun! The church was strongly opposed to him, because their tenets and Bible said that the Earth stays still. A fellow like him ought to be burned on stake!

I bet he felt a little like the testers of the radiological patient information system testers at HUS. According to a news by Yle:

- According to unfinished items the testers brought up their worry regarding the system’s readiness even during the test period, and if it should be taken to production by the stated weekend, states the summary of the test report.

The evidence pointed out that there were problems. And they did not even have the time to run all the necessary tests. This was of course brought to the attention of the CEO of HUS-Imaging, but Jyrki Putkonen decided to take the system to production despite the testers’ reports.

What is the end result? Another piece of news by Yle tells us that:

In May 2012 the system that was taken up has displayed hundreds of defects, which have been classified as severe within Hus. The disturbances of the system have slowed down the process of getting scans and statements and produced extra work for especially the radiologists.

Hundreds of defects that are classified as severe.

Luckily, in Copernicus’s case there was a happy ending. One hundred years later a fellow called Galileo Galilei brought up heliocentricity anew. The church still did not like it, but little by little the evidence started to claim space from beliefs.

Hopefully it won’t take one hundred years to make public sector IT-acquisitions sensible. Money has been wasted way too much already.