Arkisto: October 2013

Launderer is Frustrated

8. Octoberta, 2013 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

I have rented a furnitured apartment from Helsinki. The location is quite excellent and the it is quite adequately equipped. In addition of the sauna it also has the luxury of glassed balcony that opens up to the inner yard. Everything is perfect in theory, but that damn laundry machine I could toss.

I mean, I can start it with the right programme. 40 degrees Celsius and around two hours is quite perfect for washing clothes that have been worn once. I can also make use of the timer!

But to HELL with it, since I am not sure at all how to open the machine after the programme finishes.

When the programme is ready, the machine starts to beep. If I press the power button, that damn red logo that announces the machine’s locking mechanism is still on the screen, taunting me along the lines of ‘Nuh-uh, you may not open this yet!’ I wait for a few minutes, but the light does not turn off, nor does the magnetic lock open. Power off, power on. Good idea. Except, the programme starts anew when you do that.

I can also pause the programme, but I cannot abort it. And that damn lock. It stays shut. Sometimes I have managed to open the hatch without a hitch, but I don’t really know why. Now I pulled the plug, but it does little to help. The lock on the hatch just won’t open. And I don’t feel like using a sledgehammer either, because my socks and underwear are probably not as valuable as the lock is. Besides, the apartment did not come with a sledgehammer.

Never make software that makes the user feel dumb. I don’t want to be dumb. That’s why I will never, ever, buy myself a laundry machine from LG.