Arkisto: June 2013

Midsummer Magicks for a Tester

21. Juneta, 2013 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

I find myself entertained by several fascinating blogs and I shamelessly keep stealing good ideas to write about. One recent acquaintance is the funny: “This is not the life I ordered” –blog.

Occasionally I find myself unable to get started, yet this time this inability gives me an inspiration. I will shamelessly steal an idea from the aforementioned blog. Let’s make Midsummer magicks! Feel free to make use of these spells shared by tester gurus!

  1. If you throw your testing budget during the Midsummer night down a well, your developers will get to extinguish bonfires come autumn.
  2. If you start your testing process during Midsummer night, you might finish it by Christmas sales.
  3. If you automate your entire testing on Midsummer, you can have dreams of pristine software during the harvest time.
  4. If you won’t test on Midsummer night, then grim reaper will come and give you a fright!
  5. If you can get to participate in Midsummer eve’s discount sales, then screw software testing.

Happy Midsummer festival and relaxingly sunny summer holiday dear readers! The blog will continue its path in the beginning of August.

P.S. I will add good spell suggestions to the list on the fly, so you can send them either through Twitter, Facebook or comments :)

Giftless Software Tester

10. Juneta, 2013 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

I was recently shopping for a gift. Usually the easiest solution is to drop by Alko and grab some nice bottle and wrap it up. But now, the recipient of the gift was known to be a demanding connoisseur. He habitually engaged in tasting different whiskeys.

I walked around and around between the shelves looking like an outsider. Even though the requisite for a gift was clear, my knowhow was not up to it. Luckily, the educated staff of Alko came to help before I could flee in panic from that world of choices.

“A bottle of whiskey for a passionate connoisseur of whiskeys.” I managed to croak.

The clerk was immediately up to speed. With gentle professionality he led me through a jungle of narrowing questions. Judging by the smell of turf I had noticed from my friend’s favourite drinks, we concluded that Islay whiskey would be the right choice. Deducing from my budget constraints, we decided that Lagavulin would be the one.

I went to shop with a typical requisite just like is the habit in the world of software projects. Upon hearing my requisite the clerk did not grab the first bottle and wrap it up, but meticulously figured out my actual need. After that, the delivery was quite easy.

In the world of software projects, the requisites are written, read, and interpreted adequately. Confusingly seldom are they discussed in the same relation.

When the requisites are being decided it is the first and most beneficial chance of all projects to snatch bugs. Before they have a chance to produce the first defect.

If you want to handle your project with actual quality and in schedule, arrange for a representative of the testing crew to participate in the requisite discussion. Only a giftless tester is useless in that situation.