Arkisto: May 2013

Trump Cards of a Complainer

17. Mayta, 2013 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

I often meet bosses wrestling with product development, who have enthusiastically taken the bull by its horns. Quality is the buzzword of the day.

Now we’ll improve development’s posture by meters!

Most often the bosses have thought long lists of improvements with their team. Themes that repeat are tool surveys and investigating agile or test automation.

What makes it confusing is that often these pieces are awfully large to chew. In me, this kind of general throwing about of improvement ideas arouses the tiny complainer inside me.

What concrete does looking for improvement points give its makers?

People are good at complaining. There’s flaws here and there. In fact, one gets trained to complaining and looking for flaws as early as in one’s childhood, since going to bed can be arduous: The blanket rests bad, the milk is too cold, one is hungry, one needs to pee, and cry. Later on the focus shifts to complaining about politics, religion and environment. And of course, work.

Even though complaining has an ill effect on everyone’s mental well-being, you can also harness it into a useful tool. The skill of complaining is important, if every complaint is followed by an idea on how to fix it. Even better is, when the idea is followed by rolling one’s sleeves and getting started. That skill is a dwindling resource, but you can practice it!

Instead of looking for improvement points I suggest the following: Make a list of everything that is complained about in your project. After that, look for how to fix them and then take off your tie. It is time for real work.