Arkisto: February 2013

Do not Settle for Mediocrity

25. Februaryta, 2013 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

I just want it to work, dammit!” said the owner of a development project to the tester.

Such lack of ambition is always confusing. If the goal is to only go for functionality, then you are blindly rushing towards the gray hues of mediocrity.

A tester’s work is to cherish the employer’s success on the market. It also includes lobbying for the end user. A tester’s work is to find out the actual goals. How should it actually go, then?

Today is a good day to start demanding more. Demand that is works smoothly, fascinatingly, quickly, happily, safely and why not surely as well!

Sense of Security that is but a Mirage

18. Februaryta, 2013 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita was down due to people’s thirst for knowledge brought about by the school threats last week. The main goal of Savon Sanomat, like with any other news service, is to get clicks. Their business is dependant on the user traffic. Sometimes people make gigantic marketing campaigns to reach this goal. Occasionally, some idiot takes care of it for the media houses by, for example, presenting new fake boobies or by making a bomb threat against a school.

Every chief of a web news secretly wishes in the back room that this time around their own news piece would become a hit and that the user traffic would explode. Which is why the headlines in web news are click baits.

What is baffling, however, is how poorly most of these web services have prepared for these success stories. And this is not even dependant on their field of business.

In all the most popular web services, sudden spikes of user traffic has been taken care of beforehand. Furthermore, their service is being stress tested constantly in case of a hostile environment.

Google employees test the contingencies of their service centers regularly by making attacks against them. In these attacks, they do, for example, information network disturbances or drill holes into the pipes that contain the coolant. Similarly, the web service Netflix is also under constant challenge. The Chaos Monkey tool of Netflix randomly attacks their servers 1000 times a week.

Excuses for neglect are found in hundreds behind the office tables. Testing is so painstaking. Surely it must cost too much money and time. Besides, the service has worked well so far. I can assure you that none of these are true. The only reason for neglect is limited ability to get it done.

Every person with common sense knows that practice makes perfect. Yet, when it comes to web services, they neglect the practice. Because everything has worked so far, they fall into a false sense of security. They fall for a mirage.