Arkisto: June 2012

Have a Sunny Summer Everyone – Blog takes a Summer Vacation

20. Juneta, 2012 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

We have a custom of offering coffee, and sometimes even coffee bread, to people who visit our office. It’s always nice to have guests!

On the average, the people who come in for coffee take the following route: Enter the building through the entrance by pressing the buzzer, then enter the staircase, then climb the said stairs to the office door and through the door into the office. Of course, this route is one our employees also take.

This guy decided to use an alternate route:

The street light repairman seemed quite content with the fresh coffee with milk and sugar. Apparently he had never had the pleasure of having a coffee break in the crane’s cage before. takes a summer break. Follow the street light repairman’s example and do something this summer that you have never done before. Happy Midsummer and enjoy a sunny summer!

Developer Venting (part 1)

11. Juneta, 2012 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

We coders are creatures who transform caffeine into applications. Creatures to whom normal people communicate to by sending bug reports. If you’re unlucky, the “report” can be the kind of which is only a notification of “This does not work”. If you’re lucky, it is comprehensive yet brief instructions, which give you the idea of how to fix it while you are still reading it.

Unfortunately, many of the reports are like the former. That results in heightened blood pressure and an unhealthy need to communicate. Often, valuable time gets wasted by more than one party.

They could very well change one written essay in elementary school to writing a bug report. In addition to sparing the nerves of coders and FedEx airport mechanics it would come in really handy in warranty reclamations and such. A pretty important civil skill!

I think it easy to make an adequately good report. One just needs to remember the two S’s – Steps and Screenshot. A step by step report of where they started, what was done and where they ended up. If you want to be superb, you can also include where you wanted to end up in. An old proverb holds true with this case as well: One picture is worth more than thousand words.

The writer knows what he is talking about. He has produced more bugs than reports.

* Juhamatti Niemelä is a longstanding test automation guru and one of the most hot coders around. He has also had his fingers in developing Tarantula test control system.

A Finnish Man’s Problem

5. Juneta, 2012 | Kirjoittaja: Antti Niittyviita

A picture rail is a simple lath, which is installed just below the ceiling in a house. One can hang paintings onto this list to an adjustable height and place by making use of fishing line. You need not drill any holes into the walls, so switching the paintings and replacing them is nice and easy.

My picture rail has been gathering dust in my dress room for the last two years. During that time, I have moved a couple of times to a new apartment. Yet, that rail just hasn’t found itself in its intended place.

My trouble is something that is shared by pretty much all Finnish men.

I cannot get started, because I would have to first go to the hardware store. To by tools, that is. I would have to buy a ladder, screw wrench, special screws and worker pants, which could hold the tools while I climb up the ladder.

When you stop to think about the problem a bit more closely, the solution is evident. I could get up on the kitchen stool and screw in the rail manually. I bet the end result would be quite ok. It’s just so hard to get started.

I quickly remember employee Turkka Jalmanen’s words:

Tools and solutions come and go. The main thing is that you get results. Therefore, today is a good day to get started.