Detach the Battery!

Detach it indeed. The best advice that should be followed first when a software error takes place. How many times during the life span of modern phones have you had to detach and reattach the battery? How many times have you rebooted your computer when a single app is slowing down the machine? Have you ever had to turn off your car due to the bugs of the driving computer? What is best, in some car models there are quick handles for the battery’s wires for the sole purpose, that in the event of a software error, you can detach/reattach the battery.

Why is it so, that in these modern times we have accepted some things that used to be negative, as common day routines? When I buy a new mobile phone from the shop I want to imagine that it would work without any magical battery detaching or 8 second power button rituals. I would prefer not to dirty my hands by the highway loosening my battery wires or hit my laptop’s reset button, when MS Office starts to get rowdy with me. (An Apple man would say to this that “buy a Mac.”. I will not.)

After meditating for a while, I deduced that all of this is due to the fact that because it has always been so. The phenomenon is the same as with normal cigarettes. If cigarettes would hit the market now as a new product, it would be likely that it would be banned as a severe health risk. But, because cigarettes have been on the market for around as long as humans have been using fire, it has been accepted as common day, although deemed as a negative thing. When we have been detaching the battery for who knows how long, we accept it, but with the same negative feeling.

The same acceptance has seeped so deep that a large number of phone manufacturer’s testers no longer keep the back lid in place when testing a phone. Solely due to the fact that the battery is easier to detach when problems arise, and since it is easier to observe technically with certain tools when you can detach the battery quickly. This method is probably not end user testing. Who was that great tester genius, who first discovered that you can fix a defect by detaching the battery…

Modern society is based on energy consumption. Why is it then, that we need to cut off the power in a single machine to get it working again?

Detach the battery! As the saying still echoes from the darkest corners from years ago, back when a group of guys discovered a glimmer of positivity for a single time in the history of man in the saying, after a downhill skiing weekend…

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