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About Giving Feedback and its comments told us a bit about the challenge in communication in software development. Developers get frustrated, when the testers give negative feedback in the form of error reports. Testers need to think a bit about how to relay the message in a way that does not aggravate the developer.

The problem does not lie in the communication between a developer and a tester and its form, but in following the roles set by the project management.

For the whole it is most efficient if the developers write code with the accuracy specified by the requirements. Testers, on their part, try to find the significant flaws in the code. They both are professionals in their own field. Would it not be the best for the whole if in the project stuff gets done by the people who have the best capability for doing them?

Should responsibilities and human relations not be entirely healthy, the developers can become averse towards flaws and the negative feedback they receive from them.

In these situations, the project management should be awake. The management need to actively communicate to the developers that they do not expect flawless code, since the testers find the flaw and problems faster than the developers. The product finishes faster, when the developers dare to leave their code for the testing without spending days or weeks rounding the edges.

Error reports are no longer negative feedback, but normal communication that aims to achieve a good outcome. A work done well is a reason to applaud, both the developers and the testers.

What is significant is not who find the flaw. What is significant is how quickly the flaw gets wound and fixed. Both are work for a professional.

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